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Shell Solar
Benefit Summary

SolarWorld Sunkits Benefit Summary

1) The Highest Efficiency Modules in the World. With superior output even on cloudy days.

2) All of SolarWorld Sunkits System components are UL Listed and Approved.

3) SolarWorld is generating more kilowatts of solar power than any other company in the world.

4) The SolarWorld System is certified and approved for rebates from the California Energy Commission, as well at State and Federal Tax Credits where they apply.

The installation may also qualify for accelerated State and Federal depreciation for home businesses and commercial solar installations.

5) Manufacturing PV modules for over 30 years. They are the largest company in the solar energy industry.

6) SolarWorld with over 1 billion dollars in global sales has been a leader in the energy field for over 100 years.

7) Based on Performance plus Durability the Shell Solar modules have the highest rating for Solar Investment Value (SIV) of any PV module in the industry. SIV is an estimate of the total energy savings over the projected life of the module.