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Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Commercial SolarWorld Electrical System

The cost of installing a solar electric system has dropped 50% in the past decade. This dramatic savings in system installation is due in no small part to the efforts of SolarWorld. With more the 300MW of solar power delivered to date, SolarWorld has more experience than any other company in the industry. And for good reason, unlike other solar cells, SolarWorld’s patented Powermax technology is extremely efficient even in lower light conditions (sunrise, sunset, cloud cover) allowing for a greater system efficiency over a longer period of time.

The timing to “Go Solar” has never been better, with cash rebates from the public utilities, combined with federal and state investment tax credits, on site solar electricity production is a sound investment that will pay for itself often within 5-9 years. And with SolarWorld’s 25 year module warranty your investment will generate on going cash savings for years to come. All back by commitment and resources of SolarWorld.


The operation of the system is simple and involves no moving parts. There are 3 major components:

1) The high performance SolarWorld Module at 220W and 230W.

2) Installation Roof Rack.

3) The SMA or Xantrex system inverter which coverts DC (direct current) from the modules into AC (alternating current) that is fed back into the utility grid. Each component is certified by (UL) Underwriters Laboratories. The Xantrex inverter web site is www.xantrex.comClick to read - Requires Acrobat Reader

As an extra added benefit the roof mounted system will protect the roof from inclement weather, reduce summer cooling loads and helps prolong the life of the roof.





Photovoltaic Solar Module Product Information Sheets


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