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Sunkits from SolarWorld

Shell Solar DistributorThe heart of the SolarWorld solar electric system is the SolarWorld high-performance modules. Only SolarWorld has the patented PowerMax mono-crystalline cell. The surface of the PowerMax cell has a pyramidal textured surface to enable more light absorption which delivers exceptional efficiency even on cloudy days or in low light conditions.


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In addition, the transparent tempered glass cover ensures high impact resistance and protection against hail, snow, ice and storms. The corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame provides superior cell protection even under harsh weather conditions. The entire module is backed by a 25-year warranty and SolarWorld’ s 30 years of experience in advanced mono-crystalline development.



The Sunkits System

Click to read - Requires Acrobat ReaderSunkit solar electric systems have been pre-engineered by SolarWorld to provide clean efficient solar energy matched to the utilities power in voltage, frequency, and phase. The Sunkit line of products provides utility-grade power which allows consumers to feed energy, provided by the sun, back into the electrical grid and run your meter backwards. The system has four major components:

1) The SolarWorld Modules that collect the solar energy.

2) The universal roof-mounting kit for installing on shingle, tile or flat roofs, for new construction, re-roofing or an existing roof. Manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum, the mounting kit is weatherproof and suitable for all climates.

3) The Inverter takes the DC (direct current) produced by the solar cells and converts it into AC (alternating current) which is used by your home appliances and your local power company. The inverter comes in an attractive weather proof cabinet that can be mounted inside the home or on an outside wall.

4) The standard wiring and disconnects that tie the system into to your circuit breaker box or electrical panel.



The Sunny Boy Inverter

click to enlargeWith over 80,000 inverters installed worldwide the Sunny Boy inverter has the highest reliability of any PV inverter available today. The rugged stainless steel outdoor enclosure is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. UL 1741 Listed with a 10-year warranty standard.The web site for the Sunny Boy Inverter:

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