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The Solar Energy Company Since 1976Our Mission

In one hour, enough sunlight reaches the earth to meet the energy needs of every person on the planet for one year. The promise of solar energy is no longer a thing of the future, it is here and now. Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy home to you. Holding true to our commitment that:

“Quality Is Your Best Investment”

The Company

The Solar Energy Company Inc. is one of the oldest and largest solar contractors in California. We are a full service, sales and installation company with experience in all aspects of solar technology for pools, spa’s, domestic hot water heating and solar electric systems for both residential and commercial applications. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible. With over 7,000 customers since 1976 our experience has taught us that your satisfaction is the heart of our business.

The Industry

Solar energy industry has come a long way in the 27 years that we have been in business. There have been increases in collector performance and durability, as well as decreases in system costs. The price of solar electric modules alone have fallen by 50% in the past decade. If there is one predominant theme to solar energy technology today it is, in a word “Certification”.

The Solar Energy Company Since 1976Today, there is a network of independent, non-profit certification entities to provide reliable information regarding product performance and durability. This web site is constructed to put this information at your finger tips.

On our home page you will find the three basic solar applications: Pool Heating, Domestic Hot Water, and Solar Electric. Select the menu item or picture for the secondary pages with direct links to the various Certification Web Sites.

We also provide instructions on how to use the data, as well as other information regarding a specific solar application. A list of the certification entities is provided below:

1) Solar Contractor Certification-The League of American Home Owners
2) Pool Collector Performance-The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
3) Pool Collector Durability-Atlas Weathering Services Group, DSET Labs
4) Solar Domestic Hot Water - Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC)
5) Certified Solar Electric Modules - California Energy Commission (PTC Rating)

The Solar Energy Company Since 1976It’s important to note that the certification process is conducted under standard test conditions and your actual performance may vary. Product certification helps to determine the Solar Investment Value (SIV). This is a combination of Performance and Durability. The Value is an estimate of the total projected energy savings over the life of the product.

We hope you find our web site helpful and informative in answering some of the questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us regarding any thing we can do to improve the web site. Your comments are appreciated.

We believe, that with your help, solar energy technology can change the world.

So welcome…. to the cutting edge of human history!


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